About Us


History of Egyptian Agriculture

Ancient Egypt is of course famous for it's pyramids however ancient Egypt also developed one of the worlds first agricultural systems!  Did you know that Egyptians pioneered the use of canals and irrigation channels to direct water from the Nile River to their farms?  Or that the plow was invented in Egypt as early as 2500 B.C?   The plows were used to break up the fertile banks of the Nile, where many of our farms stand today.



Our History

Natura was founded in 1999,  however,  farming has been in our blood for hundreds of years. We are proud to be a leader in the Egyptian agricultural industry.   One of the keys to our success is the cultivation of our own fields and processing in our state of the art facilities.  We respect the variety of needs of our customers and work collaboratively to create and provide tailor-made solutions to insure success. 


Our Leadership & Team

Our founder and CEO is Amr El Meniawy. Amr is a fifth generation farmer whose family farming originated with  Egyptian cotton.  Amr believes product innovation, quality, and  commitment to safety will help drive future growth. When you ask Amr what is Natura's most valuable asset, he will tell it is his team. 

In order to achieve his vision of providing high quality products to the table's of the world, the Natura team is continually trained in food safety throughout the production chain. The team's daily focus and energy is the driving force behind Natura's success. 


Egypt - The World's top 10

How Egypt ranks in World's production

#2- Artichokes

#4 - Strawberries

#5 - Tomatoes

#6 - Green Beans

#6 - Oranges

#6 - Pomegranates

#8 - Peaches

#9- Olives

#10 - Apricots